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These organic facials use a custom blended masque of seasonal fruits,

vegetables, and herbs, to nourish the skin. Your cleansing session is

then combined with a relaxing facial massage for further revitalization


Express (30 min)                   50

Deep Cleansing (60 min)  75




This spicy treatment uses Old World spices blended with delicious fruits and herbs

to detoxify and smooth every inch of the back area. A massage with extracts from

the stone crop plant boosts hydration, the healing benefits of which will leave the

skin silky and naturally beautiful.




Start your journey to beautiful, healthy skin with a VitaSkin Facial Treatment. Whether you are looking to erase hyper-pigmentation, reduce skin redness, clear away acne, or diminish visible signs of aging, a VitaSkin solution is the ideal start on your pathway to perfect skin.

Choose from: Calm Skin/ Bright Skin/Clear Skin/ Firm Skin



Experience Mother Nature at her best! Using stimulating, exotic spices, fruits and plants from around the world, these treatments will increase circulation and gently exfoliate dry dehydrated skin resulting in a refined texture and rosy glow.


Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating Treatment  

Deep exfoliation combined with a botanical peptide infusion will leave you with an instantly younger looking appearance. Suitable for sensitive skin types.

Mini Peel Treatment (30 min)  45


Yam & Pumpkin Peel  

Highly active, refining and collagen boosting. Recommended for all skin types except active acne. AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment Hyperactive peeling treatment. Refining & anti-aging. Recommended for dry, dehydrated, blemished, or acne skin types.


Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment  

Super active healer & detoxifier. Recommended for oily or acne skin types.


Blueberry Detox Firming Peel  

Naturally exfoliating AHA peel. For all skin types especially dry, mature, thick and sun-damaged. Not for sensitive or rosacea skin.


Paprika Herbal Treatment  

Hyperactive preparation with herb extracts. Recommended for mature, fatigued, pigmented or blemished skin types


Lime Stimulating Treatment  

Stimulating and detoxifying. Recommended for dehydrated, fatigued, oily, blemished, or mature skin types.




This is a real man's facial. Using natural organic products especially selected for a

man's skin and individual needs. Receive a face, neck and hand massage with

non-perfumed,non-greasy, natural products. This facial is wonderfully relaxing

and fantastic for keeping a man's skin in optimal condition.


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