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In 1993, Jay Bocci and Tracey Bocci embarked on an extraordinary journey to create a revolutionary salon experience that would set the standard in the industry. Today, after years of pushing boundaries, Bocci Salons stand proudly as a trailblazer in Southeastern Michigan's beauty landscape.

Our story of success unfolds through a unique fusion of artistry, unparalleled expertise, and an unwavering commitment to our cherished clients. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of industry trends, consistently redefining beauty and style. 

Celebrated for our exceptional growth, Bocci Salon quickly ascended to the ranks of the nation's top 200 fastest-growing salons by 1999, as recognized by Salon Today Magazine. Our dedication to excellence only deepened over the years, earning us the esteemed title of one of the premier Salons in Southeastern Michigan, as acclaimed by The Industry Source.

At Bocci, we remain firmly connected to the heartbeat of innovation, partnering with cutting-edge industry giants like Wella and L'Oréal Professional, as well as Eminence Organic Skincare. This prestigious collaboration empowers our talented stylists and Estheticians to continuously evolve their craft, ensuring you receive a transformative experience each visit.

Our passion for learning and sharing knowledge is at the core of our Bocci's ethos. Our creative artisans regularly attend advanced classes, staying ahead of the curve and shaping the industry's future. Their expertise extends beyond individual achievement, as they foster a collaborative and inspiring environment that nurtures a world-class team of stylists, colorists and skin care experts. Together, we are more than a salon and spa; we are a family united by the desire to craft the extraordinary.

Step into Bocci Salons today, and unlock a world of innovation, personalized beauty, and unparalleled artistry. Join us as we embrace the new era of hair and skin care, where creativity knows no bounds, and each visit is a masterpiece in the making. Your journey to self-expression awaits - Where Vision Meets Innovation. 

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