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Beaded Extensions

Invisible Bead Extensions (As seen on Fox 2) 

Invisible Bead Extensions utilizes rows of extension hair that wrap around the head in a horseshoe shape. Typically, an application is made up of between 1-3 rows of hair. The rows or hair are attached by anchoring a row of beads in a horseshoe around your head, and then stitching the extension hair to it. The whole process, including coloring, takes between three to four and a half hours to complete. The beads remain hidden throughout the entire wear of your extensions under the wefts of hair placed above and below the beaded row.

*Priced upon consultation.


Also known as micro beads, an individual bond method installed by clamping a section of your natural hair and the extension inside of a copper bead. The extension is tipped with polyurethane, creating a cushion of protection for your natural hair when it is inside of the bead. No heat or glue. 6-8 week maintenance, hair is reusable. 


*Priced upon consultation.


Also known as keratin, an individual bond method using a hot fusion tool. The tip of the extension is bonded around a section of natural hair allowing 360° mobility. Long lasting, up to 5 months, if cared for properly. No maintenance, hair is not reusable. 


*Priced upon consultation.


Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lengths, the unparalleled extension system that has changed the worldwide definition of hair design, will make your desire for thicker, longer, more beautiful hair a reality. With Great Lengths patented technology for the application of 100% human hair strands, the limitations presented by all other extensions systems are eliminated. Once applied, Great lengths is your hair. Our certified Great Lengths Technician will share with you in detail exactly what Great Lengths can accomplish for you. Schedule your Great Lengths Consultation today... The hair you’ve always wanted will be yours tomorrow!


*Priced upon consultation.


Great Lengths Extensions Technicians Tracey Bocci, Karrie Case, Tanya Castillo and Erica Crawley.


Tape/Beaded Weft Extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions *Priced upon consultation.

Seamless Remy Tape In extensions are made with pure 100% Remy human hair and premium hypoallergenic tape adhesive that is strong, safe and non-damaging. Can be re-installed up to 3 times. The Remy tape in hair extension collection features genuine Remy human hair that lasts wash after wash, up to 6 months. 

Beaded Weft Extensions *Priced upon consultation.

Beaded wefts are made with 100% Remy human hair and are machine tied to prevent any shedding during wear. Using micro beads to attach at the root, this method is strong, secure and adhesive free. The same wefts can be used up to 3 sessions lasting approximately 6 months. Installation is completed in 2.5-3 hours. Hair can be colored to match the client, creating a custom blend from root to end.



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