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Hair Cutting/Styling

A Talented, well-trained Stylist is the architect to a great haircut.

That is why technical, artistic, and service excellence are standard

requirements at Bocci. Our Stylists and Color Specialists have

completed an extensive apprenticeship and advanced training.

This reflects our uncompromising demand for superior Customer Care.

You receive exceptional results from Stylists who understand hair, your need and your lifestyle.

Every Hair service begins with a consultation.

Woman’s Design Cut (includes style)                     Men’s Design Cut (includes style)                           Children (includes style)
Hairstyle with Shampoo
Event Styles                                                                      
Clip-in Extensions w/ Formal Style                       
Brides (Trial/Wedding Day)

Starting at 45
Starting at 25
Starting at 25
Starting at 30
Starting at 70
Starting at 25
Starting at 85

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